In 2017, Western Australians overwhelmingly rejected the privatisation of Western Power at the State Election.

Since their election defeat, Liza Harvey has gone on radio and spoken in favour of privatising Western Power.

In her first radio interview after becoming leader, she said Liberal policy on privatisation would be decided closer to the next election.

After we ramped up our campaign, she emphatically denied any plans to private Western Power. But, why should we believe her?

Like Colin Barnett, Liza Harvey was 100 per cent opposed to privatisation before the last election, until she was 100 per cent in favour of it. 

You can’t trust the Liberals on privatisation.

They are the party that privatised AlintaGas, our bus services and some of our hospitals. We know what they wanted to do with Western Power. 

Privatisation is in their DNA.

Liza Harvey doesn’t understand what privatisation means to WA taxpayers, because she doesn't get the cost of living.

She was the training minister who put up TAFE fees by five hundred per cent.

She was Barnett's deputy when power price rises hit one hundred per cent.

Everyone knows privatising Western Power would lead to even higher electricity prices, because companies have to make a profit.

In the lead-up to the 2021 state election, we’ll campaign until the leader of every major party publicly promises not to privatise our electricity system, and every major party candidate at the election signs a public pledge promising not to support privatisation. 

Let's use our power to keep Western Power in public hands.


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