Our publicly-owned energy utilities are essential to all West Australians.

During the COVID crisis, energy sector workers kept the lights on and the electricity flowing so other essential services – like health and education – could care for our community. They powered households and allowed industry to operate and create jobs. 

West Australians overwhelmingly rejected the privatisation of Western Power at the 2017 State Election.

It was the right decision.  But, now we have to have the conversation again.

As we know, the Liberals have form on privatisation. They've privatised AlintaGas, as well as our buses and hospitals. And they tried to privatise Western Power at the last state election.

Can we really trust them not to privatise Western Power if they are elected to government in March? Especially, given their leader Liza Harvey has gone on record in support of privatisation previously?

Privatisation means higher prices, fewer jobs and poorer safety standards, as private companies try to maximise profits. And it often means overseas ownership, with profits flowing offshore and decisions made from far away.  This is what happened with AlintaGas, a company that used to be owned by West Australians.

Please sign our petition and join our campaign to keep Western Power in public hands!


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