Electricity privatisation in Queensland
Jan 5, 2015 11:45AM WST

While the Newman Government has announced its intentions for a broad privatisation agenda following the upcoming State Election, at present, the electricity industry in Queensland remains predominantly under public ... Read More

Electricity privatisation in South Australia
Dec 29, 2014 10:47AM WST

Of the other states that have gone down the privatisation path, South Australia looked most similar to Western Australia, before privatisation began.Before the selloff, the electricity industry in South Australia, as in ... Read More

Victoria’s bushfires highlight dangers of electricity privatisation
Dec 22, 2014 14:54PM WST

In 2009, Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires left over 150 people dead and destroyed thousands of homes.The Royal Commission into the causes of, and response to, the fire, revealed that faulty power lines were ... Read More

WA electricity prices lowest in the nation
Dec 15, 2014 13:49PM WST

People in favour of privatising Western Australia’s electricity system argue that Western Australians pay more for electricity than other Australians.This argument is simply not supported by the facts.Western ... Read More

International tide turning against privatisation
Nov 28, 2014 09:50AM WST

As the Barnett Government looks to privatise Western Australia’s electricity system, more and more cities around the world are turning against privatisation and fighting to buy back their services.Globally, over the ... Read More

A terrible legacy
Oct 28, 2014 00:00AM WST

In trying to explain the $30 billion in debt he has run up since coming to office, Colin Barnett likes to blame Canberra for our declining share of the GST distribution.And, according to the Premier, because of the debt, he ... Read More