Barnett’s power price fantasy contradicted by privatisation reality over east
Jan 16, 2017 13:38PM WST

With temperatures soaring across WA, many of us are reaching for our air con remotes and fans to try and keep cool. Unfortunately for those in other states with private electricity providers, this time of year means ... Read More

Play the ball, not the man Paul Murray
Dec 12, 2016 13:09PM WST

In two opinion pieces in The West Australian last week, Paul Murray attacked our campaign, which we have run since 2014 in anticipation of the Barnett Government’s privatisation of Western Power.Mr Murray questioned ... Read More

We All Lose Under Colin Barnett’s Privatisation of Western Power
Nov 30, 2016 16:23PM WST

After months of indecision and mixed messages, the Barnett Government has announced plans to privatise Western Power.Treasurer Mike Nahan outlined plans to float 51 per cent of the company on the ASX, targeting “mum ... Read More

Nahan tries to shoot the messengers
Oct 25, 2016 09:21AM WST

Treasurer Mike Nahan is currently on a public relations offensive, spruiking his enthusiasm for the privatisation of Western Power.Dr Nahan regularly points the finger at unions, trying to dismiss our long term opposition ... Read More

Regional power prices to go up most if Western Power is privatised
Sep 13, 2016 09:47AM WST

With Colin Barnett’s hold on the Liberal leadership appearing to strengthen in the wake of the Dean Nalder fiasco, the good-cop bad-cop routine he has been recruiting his Cabinet colleagues into over the privatisation ... Read More

Barnett exposed on Western Power by Nathan, Nat and Shaun
Aug 19, 2016 10:41AM WST

Earlier this week, Colin Barnett appeared on Nova’s breakfast program and got an unexpectedly tough grilling from Nathan, Nat and Shaun.In fact, the questioning was tougher than he generally gets from some journalists ... Read More

Don’t be fooled by Barnett’s Western Power “rethink”
Jul 12, 2016 17:36PM WST

If you believe media reports since the Federal Election, you may be thinking Premier Colin Barnett has rethought his plans to privatise Western Power following Malcolm Turnbull’s near death experience over the future ... Read More

Privatisation proves toxic at the ballot box
Jul 6, 2016 15:55PM WST

The votes are still being counted and the result is still unclear after the nation went to the polls on Saturday.  But one thing is clear from the weekend’s result: privatisation has again proven to be toxic at ... Read More

Barnett Government abandoning its responsibility to supply reliable and safe electricity
Apr 8, 2016 15:12PM WST

It has become increasingly clear that the Barnett Government intends to abandon the state’s long held responsibility to provide reliable and safe electricity to Western Australian households and businesses.Over the ... Read More

Faulty privatised power lines caused five of the worst Black Saturday bushfires
Apr 5, 2016 08:00AM WST

With the threat of bushfire increasing in WA, we can’t afford to take risks with the maintenance of our electricity network.Electricity poles and wires pose an inherent risk to communities living in bushfire prone ... Read More

Will Barnett privatise a power station in this week’s budget?
May 9, 2015 11:53AM WST

On Thursday, we will find out if the Barnett Government plans to privatise one of our publicly owned power stations in this year’s budget.Mr Barnett has publicly ruled out privatising Western Australia’s ... Read More

Will the Liberals really keep Western Australia’s poles and wires in public hands?
Apr 16, 2015 11:10AM WST

Over the last week, the privatisation of the poles and wires that deliver electricity to Western Australian businesses and households has been suggested as a solution to the Barnett Government’s budget ... Read More

Privatising the electricity network comes at a cost
Feb 12, 2015 09:58AM WST

The recent Queensland election has made it clear that, when it comes to the privatisation of state assets, there is a growing disconnect between the attitudes of the business and political elite, and the lived experience of ... Read More

Electricity privatisation in Victoria
Jan 19, 2015 11:00AM WST

The consequences of the extensive privatisation of Victoria’s electricity system were made tragically apparent during the Royal Commission into the Black Saturday bushfires, which found that faulty power lines were ... Read More

Electricity privatisation in NSW
Jan 12, 2015 10:53AM WST

In another shortsighted move, the New South Wales Liberal-National Government is planning to privatise the state’s electricity transmission and distribution networks.The networks are currently 100 per cent state ... Read More