Electricity prices will go up even more after privatisation

Everyone knows that electricity prices have gone up too much since Colin Barnett became Premier.

What hasn't been clear to everyone is why Mr Barnett has put them up so much.

It is now clear that the Premier has been fattening up our electricity system for sale.

Since the Liberals were elected in 2008, they have put up electricity prices by 85 per cent.  That is an increase in more than $800 for the average Western Australian household each year.

Higher electricity prices under Colin Barnett

Mr Barnett and the various people who have served as his Treasurers and Ministers for Energy know that the more money our electricity utilities appear to be making, the more money they will fetch when offered for sale or lease to the private sector.

The number one priority of a private company is to make profit.  So, ask yourself this... if Western Power goes from being a publicly owned monopoly to being a privately owned monopoly, do you really think power prices will come down.  Or will the new private owner or lease holder use their dominant market position to make as much money as possible?

With privatisation, the community always pays.  Whether it is through higher prices, fewer jobs and apprenticeships or poorer quality services.

And, with the privatisation of Western Power, it would be all pain and no gain. Even if every cent raised through the sale or lease was used to pay off Colin Barnett's debt, the interest saved wouldn't offset the financial benefits Western Power would have delivered to the state government each year, if it was still in public ownership.

In fact, the only people who would benefit are the stockbrokers and corporate advisors on St George's Terrace, who would make hundreds of millions of dollars in commission on the transaction.

If you want to stop the privatisation of Western Power and the rest of our electricity system, use your power and get rid of the Liberals at the next state election.